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Suggestion to present memorial day(Comfort Women's Day)

Hello. Widgetcal app developer

We are project team OH (Baek EunJoo, BaekSeulGi, Jungseo Hui, Jung Sung Ki, Chung Joo Won, Choi Jung Hyuk), which belongs to the Korea Advertising Academy under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

In order to commemorate the next day of August 14th, Comfort Women’s Day, We would like to suggest that you add Comfort Women’s Day, on August 14 to the anniversary display of ' Widgetcal
For the first time this year, the Republic of Korea has officially designated the anniversary of the comfort women issue as August 14th.

August 14, 1991.

As the victim of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, Kim Hak Soon opened her eyes to the terrible atrocities of Japanese Military, making it possible for the world to become the world's first memorial day "comfort women" which is another name of the victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery.

Thanks to the courageous remarks of the late Kim Hak-soon, the victims of 'the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery' were able to recover the crushed human rights of the Japanese military, and many other victims and people joined together in this matter.

August 14th was designated as a victim of the "comfort women" of the Japanese army in order to recover the dignity and honor of the victims who have not recovered their sincere applause.

Such a meaningful day, August 14 that people must remember and think together.

[Widgetcal] We are proposing to the developer of ' Widgetcal application calendar of [Comfort Women’s Day].

Although this year is the first memorial day, there is not enough public awareness about the issue of Comfort Women’s Day.

To change this reality a little bit, we propose to ' Widgetcal ' application developer on August 14 [Comfort Women’s Day.]

We hope that the users of your app will be able to think about the issue of "comfort women" of the Japanese army and to get in touch with them when they see [Comfort Women’s Day’ written on the calendar.

We will actively support you if you need information or need a workforce.

Thank you for reading the long story.
We will wait for your reply.

From) Project Team OH.
Ph) 010-2946-5752

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