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  2. All of a sudden all my event are disappeared?

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  11. how do I refund!

  12. How do I sync with Outlook in my desktop PC?

  13. How do I transfer all the information to new device?

  14. How do I transfer or sync all my calendar information from an iOS devices to an Android devices?

  15. How to backup application's data?

  16. how to change colour of event and calendar

  17. How to delete an item?

  18. how to make recurring events

  19. How to set up the weather forecast?

  20. How to stick Stickers

  21. How to synchronize with Google Task

  22. How to transfer all the information from Lite to Paid version

  23. How to use Reminders

  24. How to use the event template?

  25. I bought new iPhone, how to move all data from old iPhone to new one?

  26. I changed my phone to new device. How can I unregister old phone in server?

  27. I have forgot the password for Awesome share!

  28. I want to remove Facebook Birthdays.

  29. Icon badge does not refresh automatically.

  30. It keep saying "No writable calendar was found"

  31. keeps setting Default Alert Times

  32. Lost entries after update system?

  33. Military time VS Standard time

  34. Note

  35. Past events has been deleted.

  36. Sharing calendar with others

  37. Subscribe YouTube Tutorial

  38. Why should I register my phone number?

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