2. Allow weather data to follow or track current location

  3. Export entire year to a word or excel document with all your data.

  4. Create search bar for all data entered

  5. Data transit  ·  completed

  6. Please retain at least past 3 months data. I'm using it for reporting of past events.  ·  declined

  7. All the data should be saved until the USERS delete them! And it would be nice for u to let us creat an account to keep the info  ·  declined

  8. Please do not eliminate events of more than one month ago. Or, add a function so that we can choose data of how many months we want to reta  ·  declined

  9. Make Awesome Calendar sinc between Apple devices

  10. Make "Dropbox" available

  11. Why oh why have past events deleted? I use this calendar for tax.. I am utterly dismayed  ·  declined

  12. Save data longer view

  13. Share the app and data between two iPhone accounts

  14. Keep data for more than 12 months

  15. I have this calendar in my IPhone and in my IPad. but the data in the IPhone does not show in the calendar of the IPad.

  16. Show events on calendar even after the date has past / do not delete data. Need to reference past events, and info is gone.  ·  declined

  17. Fix Add Contacts Bug to Events Field

  18. Back up ToDos in iCloud! I lost all my ToDo record for 5 years when I had to delete and restore the app.

  19. Ability to add event by selecting a contact & the data will auto incorporate into event

  20. Need a way to remove lite version after purchase full version without loss of existing cal data.

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